Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Songs of the week

Here are a couple of my favourite songs of the moment.

First up are The Goodtimes.

Catchy Essex indie pop. This four piece has catchy tunes which are rapdily gaining attention from the NME crowd. Personal favourites are Your Game & Same Time Next Week. I'm going to see them tonight at The Notting Hill Art Club so I'll keep you posted on their live show.

Secondly are the awesome Spinnerette.

I may be a little biast here because I am in love with Brody Dalle. You can strongly tell she has been influenced by Blondie in their Parallel Lines era. Although a lot more pop than The Distillers Brody pulls it off well and when she breaks into her signature scream, it still has the same chilling effect that The Distillers songs had back in the day.

Finally is the amazing Manchester Orchestra.

One word to describe this song is epic from their brilliant second album; Mean Everything To Nothing. Heavily influenced by Brand New with strong religious overtones this song has a beautiful build up and front man Andy Hulls voice soars over this song.

Peace in the middle east x

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Amnesty International

This is a post from Amnesty International.

1 in 8 women die in childbirth in Sierra Leone

In Sierra Leone, one in eight women risk dying during pregnancy or childbirth. This is one of the highest maternal death rates in the world.

Irene Khan's visit to Sierra Leone marks the start of Amnesty International's action against maternal mortality in the country. A "campaign caravan" will tour Sierra Leone over the coming weeks, providing information and fueling debate on the issue of maternal health.

Peace in the middle east x

Monday, 21 September 2009

Brand New - Daisy

Brand New Daisy is released today.

Buy It. Buy It Now. I have been lucky enough to own it for the last couple of weeks as I have the willpower of a fish and downloaded the leaked version. I brought the album today because you can't rip off the best band on the planet. This album is amazing but I'm warning you that if you are not into Jesses scream you will not be pleased, but I personally feel like Jesses scream is one of the sexiest things on this planet. You can tell there inspiration comes from a lot of superchunk, archers of loaf and a little bit of Fugazi. Stand out tracks for me right now include Sink, Noro and Bed. Vinnie Acardi wrote a lot of the songs on this album and he doesn't disappoint. Overall another great album with a completely different feel from Brand New

Also buy your tickets for Brand New at Wembley Arena on the 23rd of January. It's going to be insane.

Peace in the middle east x

Radio Silence

To the two of you who may occasionally check this blog. I'm back.

To your delight/dismay I have basically been really shit at updating this over the Summer. In my defense I went on a mission around mainland Europe for 5 weeks, moved into another lovely London abode, spent a good few weeks in Cardiff and the lovely beaches and forests of Wales and kept up my alcoholism.

But I'll be back now with all the usual shit you don't care about - various musical, political and general ramblings. End of narcissistic post.

Peace in the middle east.