Saturday, 31 October 2009

Rusko Essential Mix

If you're into Rusko in any kind of way you'll probably have this mix already, but if you don't here's Ruskos essential mix on Pete Tong.

It's AMAZING & here's the tracklisting;

Rusko - Scareware Ft Clipz -Dubplate
Jakes - Rock The Bells - Dubplate
Rusko - Gogogadgetrusko - Sub Soldiers
The Quemists - Dem Na Like Me (Subscape Remix) - Ninja Tune
Stenchman - Prime Time Swine - Dubplate
Rusko - Jahova - Sub Soldiers
The Prodigy - Breathe (Numbernin6 Remix) - Dubplate
Rossib And Luca - Dont Cry Soundboy - Dubplate
12th Planet - 68 - Dubplate
Jonny Osbourne - Rudeboy 08 - Dubplate
Rusko - Mr Muscle - Sub Soldiers
Tc - Wheresmy Money (Caspa Remix)(Jack Beats Remix) - Dstyle
Skream - Meta-Lick - Dubplate
Skream - Horny - Tempa
Enur & Natasja - Calabria (Bomberman Remix) - Dubplate
The Others - Kingpin - Subsoldiers
Redlight And The Voodoos - Superkurl - Dubplate
Stenchman - Run Rabbit Run - Dubplate
Chase And Status Feat Kano - Against All Odds (Dubstep Mix) - Ram
Rusko - To Da Floor - Dubplate
Kid Cudi - Day N Nite (Ruskos Big Trombone Mix) - M.O.S
Rusko - Oy! Feat Crookers - Dubplate
Jakes - Modem - Hench
Rusko & Diplo - Major Lazerr - Dubplate
Rusko - Woo Boost - Civil Music
More Fire Crew - Oi - Go!Beat
Skream - Murderer Vip - Dubplate
Rusko - Period - Dubplate
Bennypage & Zero G - Majestic - Dubplate
The Others - Bazooka - Dub Police
Unitz - The Drop Vip - Dub Police
Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl (Rusko Chapstick Mix) - Dubplate
Benga - Bengas Off His Head - Tempa
Skream - Dutchflowers (Rusko Babylon Remix) - Tempa Dubplate
Doctor - Raise He Temperature - Souljazz
Chase And Status - Saxon - Ram
Marcus Visionary - Black Panther Riddim - Dubplate
Distinction & Kromestar - Zappah - Dubplate
Rusko - Lets Go - Dubplate
Rusko - Soundguy Is My Target Feat Lutan Fyah - Subsoldiers
Caspa - Louder Vip - Subsoldiers
Skream - Woinky - Dubplate
Benny & Vincenzo - Burberry Boy - Dubplate
Chase And Status - Eastern Jam Vip - Ram
Rusko - Hammertime - Subsoldiers
Reso - If U Cant Beat Em (Rusko Vip Mix) - Civil Music
Rusko - Dirtydirty Feat Virus Syndicate - Dubplate
Dz - Down - Black Acre
Zero G - Ranzom - Dubplate
Leon - Bring It On (Rusko Remix) - Island Records
Skream - Fastlane - Tempa Dubplate
Rusko - Do U Wanna Have A Party - Dubplate
Giant - Rocker - Dubplate
Kidsister - Pronails Ruskomix - Atlantic
Bun Vs Ill Bill - Choppa - Dubplate
Kid Sister - Switchboard - Atlantic
Benny Page - Liar Liar - Dubplate
Rusko - Moaners - Subsoldiers
Rusko - Cockney Thug (Buraka Som Sistema Remix) - Subsoldiers
Marcus Visionary - Flying Dubs - Dubplate
Benga - Night (Buraka Som Sistema Remix) - Dubplate
Rusko - Mr Chips - Subsoldiers/Dubplate
Rusko & Clipz - Rats In The Kitchen - Dubplate
Rusko & Clipz - Rats In The Kitchen (Clipz Remix) - Dubplate
Pendulum - Showdown (Clipz Remix) - Warner
Clipz - Offline Vip - Dubplate

Get it here.

Peace in the middle east x

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Passion Pit

I know all you cooler than thou scene kids have been raving about Passion Pit for over a year now.
I'm just a little slow on this one but I cannot stop listening to Passion Pit. This Massachusetts band sounds like if MGMT, Justice, LCD Soundsystem and Radiohead had a hipster lovechild.

peace in the middle east x

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Politics is the art of repression

Repression of anyone who does not accept the limitations of her social role, who wants to change things on the basis of her own desires. Repression of anyone who longs to be done with passivity, deliberation, and delegation, and to set fire to those who insist upon them and nothing else. Repression of anyone who does not want to let her precious self be supplanted by any organization or immobilized by any program. Repression of anyone who wants to have unmediated relationships with others and feels that this is only possible through the tearing down of barriers, both social and physical. Repression of anyone who does not have a “we” on which to swear. Repression of anyone who disrupts the precious compromises of those who wait patiently. Repression of anyone who gives of herself without hope of compensation—of anyone who defends her companions with love and resoluteness—of anyone who refuses to accommodate herself to the consolation prizes offered those who tried once and failed. Repression of anyone who neither wants to govern nor to control—of anyone who wants to live and act immediately, not tomorrow or the day after tomorrow—of anyone who wants to transform life.


peace in the middle east x

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Spotify Playlists.

Over the last 24 hours some of my friends & me have put together a few spotify playlists for your enjoyment & here they are.


peace in the middle east x

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

In Celebration Of Diversity

I don't know how many of my Welsh homies read this or anyones homies for that matter but if you are around Wales this weekend please goto this.


17th September at 4pm outside YMCA St Helen's Rd

Bring yourself, your friends, banners, drums....

RACIST HOOLIGANS in the so-called ‘Welsh Defence
League’ (WDL) - closely linked to the Nazi
BNP and the English Defence League (EDL) -
are planning an anti-Muslim demonstration in
Swansea. Previous demonstrations in the UK
have seen their thugs attack Asian people, chant
"Muslims out" and worse at passers-by, and
make "Seig Heil" Nazi salutes.

Islamophobia - bigotry against Muslims - is as
unacceptable as any other form of racism. Its aim
is to divide us by making scapegoats of one
community. This is the same as when Oswald
Mosley's fascist Blackshirts targeted Jews in the
1930’s, or the 1970’s when the fascist National
Front ran round the streets terrorising black and
Asian people.

It is vital that we do not sit back and allow a small
minority of racist thugs with links to the fascist
BNP to terrorise and intimidate Muslims in Britain.
All communities need to stand up and link
arms against racists and Nazis.

That's why Unite Against Fascism called a counter
demonstration against the EDL in Birmingham
in August. That's why we helped mobilise thousands
of people in Harrow in September to defend
the local mosque against the EDL and its
affiliates. Today they threaten the mosque, tomorrow
it could be a synagogue, temple or
church. Today they threaten Muslims, tomorrow
it could be Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, blacks, gays,
travellers or Eastern Europeans.

There is no place for the Nazi BNP or racists
in Swansea's multi-racial, multi-cultural and
multi-religious community:

peace in the middle east

Remixes of the moment.

Here are three remixes which I'm thoroughly enjoying at the moment.

La Roux - I'm Not Your Toy (Data Remix)

Jackson 5 - I want you back (Blame Remix)

and finally Bonde Do Role - Marina Gasolina (Fake Blood Remix)

peace in the middle east x

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Joker & The Thief

I went to a show at Notting Hill Arts Club last week too see The Goodtimes, who were good but this band blew me away.This guys voice is what would happen if Caleb from Kings of Leon had a love child with Tom Waits.
Check them out below.

Peace in the middle east x