Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Ok this line up this year is ridiculous. Some one please give me a ticket?

Peace in the middle east x

Monday, 18 May 2009


I am someone who likes baselines the heavier the better for me.
Here are some of my favourite dirtiest tunes around at the moment.

I recommend you have a good sound system for these songs and turn them up loud otherwise you really won't get it.

RUF - Want Some Crack.
I haven't heard a baseline like this in ages even though the name puts me off slightly.

Bar 9 - Shaolin. It's like Ruskos 2NAQ x 100.

Loefah - Voodoo. Just listen to it.

What are you favourite dirty tunes?

Peace in the middle east x


Anyone else think that the phrase Military Intelligence is an oxymoron?

Gigs n Stuff

These last couple of weeks I've been to some fantastic gigs,
It started off at the end of April when I went to see Basement Jaxx in The Globe,Camden because a very lovely friend of mine got us V.I.P Passes.

Anyway if you get a chance to see Basement Jaxx do it there were some of the best costume changes in ages and the tunes are brilliant too;

The next band I went to see was YoungBlood Brass Band in The Globe in Cardiff and they were amazing maybe one of the hottest gigs I've ever been to but if you get a chance check them out.

Last but definatley not least I got to see the mighty Cursive at Clwb Ifor Bach. They didn't come on until 11pm and were supported by Dirty Leaves (Featuring members of Kids In Glass Houses and 1920s) and The Muscle Club who were both excellent and prime Welsh talent for you guys to check out. Cursive were brilliant as expected just the crowd at the gig was still.

Anyways peace in the middle east x

Monday, 11 May 2009

Male Strippers

I normally don't talk about my friends on here but this is to funny not to.

It was my friends 21st birthday a few weeks back and to surprise her some people thought it'd be good to get her a male stripper as a present for the party and after paying £130 pounds this is what shows up.

Sorry Jade but this man should not be a stripper and definatley not £130 worth of stripper. To make matters worse he apparently only stayed for 5 minutes and fucked off again. So this is a warning to all you randy folks out there who feel like getting a stripper for a friend or personal use I won't judge but I would ask you to get a picture first.

Just a treat for the ladies here are some more photos of this lovely man;

Peace in the middle east x

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

The Sounds

The Sounds one of my very favourite bands are releasing a new album this summer.
Heres the new single no-one sleeps when I'm awake on Last call with Carson Daly.

I like it a-lot and I'm hoping to catch them live soon as I just missed them playing London as I was broke and I've seen them once before but it was at the reading festival NME tent and they were the first band on this bill so I only caught 3/4 of the set from the back of the tent. So if Maja you are one of the two people who read this please come to London or Cardiff please.

Peace in the middle east x

Saturday, 2 May 2009


It's ham-a-geddon people.

You don't know how long it took me to come up with that pun but anyway apparently we're all going to die from a few bastard pigs. Who knew the thing that would kill us all would be pigs. I'm one of the people who think pigs are cute but not cute enough that I won't eat bacon but cute none the less. Who knew all this time they were just plotting and waiting to release the virus that kills us all.

Seriously though, people need to stop panicking as someone coughed on the tube earlier and people looked at him as he was George Bush was the terror and disgust on their faces. If I were a stock broker right now which thankfully I'm not because I have a soul, I would invest in the mask trade right now especially because these masks aren't just a way to stop germs they are now a fashion accessory with people pimping out there flu masks in amazing ways;

and my personal favourite;

All you need to do people is wash your hands and if you feel sick goto a doctor and get some oink-ment(Oh yes I went there). Maybe people should worry less about swine flu and more about the plain old boring original flu which kills thousands each winter, but that's no fun now is it?

Peace in the middle east x