Tuesday, 30 December 2008

too much bloodshed

ALBERT EINSTEIN (A Jew), Letter to NY Times 1948:

Among the most disturbing political phenomena of our times is the emergence in the newly created state of Israel of the Freedom Party (Tnuat Haherut), a political party closely akin in its organization, methods, political philosophy and social appeal to the NAZI and FASCIST parties. It was formed out of the membership and following of the former IRGUN Zvai Leumi, A TERRORIST, right-wing, chauvinist organization in Palestine.



Sunday, 28 December 2008


If there really was a god she'd look like this

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Happy Christmas

I heard about this science fiction story about this guy who goes to another planet or wakes up in the future or something and he goes to a bar and gets a drink. He asks the bartender how much he owes him and the bartender says 2 obs. And everywhere the guy went thats all they would say and they wouldn't take anything from him. So he finds out that an ob is just a job it was a barter system and since he was a capitalist he had no skills except to get money and there was no money, so he was useless.

I'm hungover and these following pictures are reasons not to do extacy poor poor people.

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Best Of

As Rolling Stone,NME,Spins,Q ect have been putting out there best of 2008 lists I thought I'd join them as obviously my opinion is just if not more important and influential on the music world so here you have my top ten tracks of 2008.

10) Rusko - "Cockney Thug"
Awesome Dubstep on Sub Soldiers. I have danced many fucked up nights to this. My metalhead friends like this as well as those hip hop lads think this tune is "massssiiifff".

9) MGMT - Time To Pretend.
On every best of list and rightly so,first time I heard in some small club somewhere I was like woah. I then saw the video and it made me feel like i'd just dropped acid and definatley was the song for the summer. "Move to Paris shoot some heroin and fuck with the stars" wouldn't suprise me if MGMT had already done that.

8) Florence and The Machine - Kiss with a fist
Ok I first heard this song with everyone else on the adverts for the start of 4music but I loved it. It's lyrics are a big fuck you to the likes of Kate Nash. Dog days are over,the other single she's released this year is also very very very good.

7) Tom Gabel - Random Hearts
Against Me! frontman Tom Gabels solo album Heart Burns is amazing from the first song to last, this is my personal favourite. He has awesome lyrical abilities and he is a folk hero for our generation with the right message behind it.

6) Vampire Weekend - Oxford Comma
Preppy as they are you can't help loving the happy care-free beats of Vampire weekend. This song is the best on the album,an uplifitng song aslong as you know your grammar.

5) Kings Of Leon - Sex On Fire
It's fucking Kings Of Leon come-on! There new album makes them alot more stadium friendly,but as it is Kings Of Leon they kick ass at it. I personally prefer the earlier albums but this album is still very very good and sex on fire won't leave your head for days.

4) Brand New - Fork and Knife
You guys are like OMG how is brand new not at the top of your chart? It's a very very good song released at the begining of the year,but it is still a B-Side. I cannot wait for the new album that will be hopefully in 2009. I'm liking the piano to brand new,but I hope they stick with a grungier guitar song like brickhouse for the album as Jesse Laceys voice when it breaks leaves me with goosebumps.

3) Spank Rock - Loose
This song is nassssty. Fucking aweomse though,big big party song from one the best hip hop groups around at the moment. Fuck you Pharrell this is how you do it.
WARNING. Alot of nudity in this video,if that'll stop you you won't like spank rock.

2) The Death Set - Around The World
I first saw the motherfucking death set in clwb ifor bach by accident and I was like who the fuck are you guys. After checking out there myspace and seeing them after the gig with girls and falling off tables I realised there fucking genius. It's punk rock on nintendos with sugar/MDMA depending on how you look on it.

1) Be Your Own Pet - Becky.
Why oh why did BYOP break up? This song was banned,but it's still fucking good. The whole album is short bursts of brilliance and they are no older than I am. I'm just hoping for some sort of reunion or other bands that are fucking kick ass. Plus Jemima Pearl rules.

Other songs that need big mentions.

Adele - Hometown Glory (High contrast remix) Left it off because it is in every other fucking club right now and that pisses me off but it's another awesome high contrast remix and I'm generally not a big fan of Adele but I loves this remix.

Radiohead - Spor remix of Nude.
What already was a creepy and very good song,spor made it dark as fuck and added a bassline that is amazing.

Santogold - You'll find a way
I love this track,but have only just got into keeping it off the 10 list. It's amazing like if Gwen Stefani had never sold out mixed with great dance beats and her voice is amazing.

Youngblood Brass Band - Nuclear Summer
Amazing band. Two MCs. Two Drummers. Full brass band = awesome.

This City - We move
Post-Punk metal indiecore is the way to describe them. They make awesome tunes that could go head to head with Bloc Party or Biffy Clyro or even The Bronx. It's post-punk dance rock. They have blagged tours with TBS and local kids KIGH definatley going to be big in the future.

Shaped By Fate - They Told Me You Were Dead
Brutal Cardiff boys,new album actually as good if not better than the last. You have to catch these guys live as it's like having your front teeth kicked in by sound,and you have to look out for the insane fans too as the owner of a venue in reading in which the ceiling was destroyed will tell you.

Los Campesinos - We Throw Parties,You Throw Knives
Happy party rock from Cardiff. You can't help sing along to it.

There are probably alot more great songs out there. I know there are,but that's all I can be bothered to do. I hope all two of you who read this enjoy it

Peace in the middle east

Saturday, 20 December 2008


"Coke on the tip makes that bitch go numb"

Friday, 12 December 2008

The Smiths

Are bloody good in a neurotic kinda way.

It is the last day of the semester,where has it gone?
Back to Cardiff on Monday oh my.
It's all going so crazy & fast.
I've downloaded about 20 albums today,come get me for it you twats.

I'm going to the students union to celebrate my end of yearness, but here are some photos from mabye the lamest christmas party ever. So lame it was actually very very fun.

Working class santa. Had a bottle of simirnoff ice in his hand to top it off.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008


I love how in this photo out of baby killers,thieves ect ect the normal Christian bullshit the biggest thing on that sign is the word Mormons.

I quite like how they call stoners pot smoking little devils aswell.
I'd quite happily smack this boy and his stupid greased up hair.

Saying that I think a t-shirt in this design would sell quite well.

Peace in the middle east x

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Be Your Own Pet

I'm still gutted BYOP broke up. They were one of the kick ass rock'n'roll bands in ages and there the same age as me. I never got to see them live which always pissed me off and always will.

Becky - Live

Plus I want to be Jemima Pearl.

The Kelly Affair.

Peace in the middle east x

Saturday, 6 December 2008


Ok normally I find animal videos annoying as shit and think just go out and get a boyfriend or a cat but this polar bear is cute as hell.

It's mother rejected it when it was a baby and so it formed this crazy bond with it's keeper. Good times.

Peace in the middle east x

Monday, 1 December 2008

Craig Ferguson

I have the most inappropriate thing for Craig Ferguson i can't stop watching his you tube things.
He's twice my age but we could make it work.

See what I mean?

Anyway on a side note I've been reading alot of noam chomsky and it's a good time for REVOLUTION.

Thursday, 27 November 2008


Why do people feel it's ok to phone me at 5am,many of you on the one night I'm asleep at midnight as I have university tomorrow.

Now I can't sleep and am just watching news 24 waiting to goto university.

I want to go to Thailand in April,anybody want to join me?

Sunday, 23 November 2008


"Young men go to war. Sometimes because they have to, sometimes because they want to. Always, they feel they are supposed to. This comes from the sad, layered stories of life, which over the centuries have seen courage confused with picking up arms, and cowardice confused with laying them down."

Saturday, 22 November 2008

How it should be done

This is still one of the best bands ever in the Genre so fuck you my chemical romance and do it properly.


also strongly worth mentioning

Rites of spring

and just because I can't stop listening to them at the moment.

Mineral - Sadder Star

Pece in the middle east x

Thursday, 20 November 2008


If procrastination was a sport I'd be champion.
This essay has to be done by tomorrow or later today now and I'm doing everything in my power to put it off.

It's going to be an all nighter job,i've been doing about two lines every half an hour since about 7 o clock. I probably should of read the book but ssssh.

The thing that made me laugh today was the pictures of Prince Williams penis I would post the link but the site is a gay porn site if you really wanna see it go on www.perezhilton.com the links on there.

I'm so hungover 80p drinks last night and I said things I shouldn't of said. Things I really should of kept to myself but whatcanyoudo?

Here's some frankly awful photos of me.

Me & Raman

Me & Kerris

Me & Carys


Me and Chris also known as the ex.

Hanging out in sheds as you do.

Peace in the middle east. I think it's about time to write two more lines.

Monday, 17 November 2008


I wish I was here
This is nothing but fucking cool to me,it's a few months before she died aswell.

Rick Danko,Janis Joplin,Jerry Garcia just jamming and hanging out

soo fucking cool.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

brand new

You are the smell before rain
You are the blood in my viens.

Country Girl

1000 words down. 2000 to go.
Gunna do 500 more today then go see the Christmas Lights on Oxford street get turned on by random D-List Celebritys.
Greatest thing in the world my Old Flatmate from halls Legoman is turning the Christmas lights on in good old Merthyr Tydfil. Fucking quality,

This is what I'm gunna do when I finish these essays Friday

Monday, 10 November 2008


Essays,essays,essays everywhere I look!
No one told me in the first year there'd be work to do,nevermind reading. Bastards.
The library is so complicated that to actually find what you're looking for you probably have to set up camp.

And too all you smug people out there who tell me I should of planned for this earlier I have two words for you.
Fuck off you swots.

Peace in the middle east x

I'm getting quite caught up in the Twilight hype.

Thursday, 6 November 2008


M.I.A Forever spreading the good message

good music and ethics something that generally doesn't go together.

I'm having a house party tommorow. Well a gathering my housemates invited people so I guess we are. We have brought fireworks but none of us have the ball to set them off.

That was me for Halloween

At Faithless/Scratch Perverts/Shy FX

Also why the fuck is no one intervening in the Congo.
It's just like everyones watching going leave it a couple more days.
Which is really not fast enough when people are being shot/raped/starving.
Get it together world.

Peace in the middle east
Ally x

Wednesday, 5 November 2008


I'm totally hungover and have had like 3 hours sleep but its so worth it.
Go Obama.
Was watching it all last night with the Americans down in Russel Square.
Good night.

I really dislike Bonfire night I do not see the point x

Monday, 3 November 2008

Esaay time

Time to do essays and read To Kill A Mockinbird.
This is my week to work.
Carys is down Friday.
Just got myself an eighth and a chinese and A big bottle of Coke.
Time to write.

Also can everybody calm down with the Russel Brand & Johnathan Ross thing for one the phone call was funny.
Secondly his granddaughter did sleep with Russel Brand and is in a Burlesque dance group called Satans Sluts.
Thirdly the daily mail are on a witch hunt and I fucking hate the racist right wing daily mail.
Forthly it's just a big distraction from the credit crunch this is not front page news.

Quite liked this film.
and I want to see Choke to adaptation of the Chuck Pahulnik Book.
The red band trailers better but I can't find it so here's the shitty one.

Peace in the middle east x

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Do Americans get it?

Ok I'm wondering as a bulletin post from Hadouken! Earlier about how there Album is just coming out in the USA.
Do Americans get where Hadouken are coming from?
My awnser comes from this.
1) We have alot more of a young binge drinking drug taking culture than America I'm sure it still happens in America but in the UK it is the norm and in America it is the exception. Mainly because Americans have a stronger religious following so they are less likely to go out and get wasted than us.
2) Do they even understand what the fuck Hadouken are on about? They use slang and from what I've found out Americans don't understand English anyway unless it's the Queens/Liz Hurley kinda English and Hadouken use all kinda slang.
3)Different cultures in general.

Oh well mabye I'm wrong and everything will be shit hot for them over there.
But on that same note why do they like Lady Sovereign so very much?

Hadouken - Liquid Lives

Too prove my point I was looking at Lady Soverign videos and saw this comment

mcshelly93 (3 months ago) Show Hide
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i have no idea what she is saying!!!
Ok the whole blogging about my experience as I moved to London has kinda been pointless as I've only just got the internet back.

Oh well,
I'm gunna try and get some articles of shit I'm interested in up here.
Mabye some reviews and stuff.

The last month has been very fun. I very much enjoy London and all it has to offer,
I've just applied to write for this Metal e-magazine called fat wrok.
Not really my style of bands there covering but everythings a start.

Also on that note if anyone wants me to write for them on anything atall hit me up

I'm gunna big up my portfolio.

Also at the moment there are two TV shows I'm loving

It's like modern day cluedo.

and The L Word

Makes me wish I was a Lesbian in LA which is worrying.

Peace in the middle east x

Wednesday, 17 September 2008


Man I was wasted when I posted that blog last night.

Here are some videos from Johnnos last party which were insane.

Siiccck nights.
I can't believe I'm leaving people but to new friends in London.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Politics and drunkeness and dramatic animals.

Ok I can't find a video of this on youtube but did anyone see the VMAs when one of The Jonas Brothers were dancing to Lil Wayne. It was only like a 5 second shot but I found it absolutely hilarious.
Fuck Disney tbh. That is not what Rock is about in any way shape or form. I just feel sorry for the boys in 4 or 5 years time.
It's now 5 days till London and it is scary but it's going to be amazing.

If anyone can find a video of that long hair Jonas brother dancing to Lil Wayne I will adore you forever. && Also it scares me so much that the republicans might get into power again in the whitehouse,just in the way that it will fuck up the world so much more than it is already.
I'm not american and have no right to say this but go Obama. So Much.
The only way to get ahead in this world is through peace,love and mutual respect.

On a completely different note I think this may be the greatest youtube video in the world.

and then this one

peace in the middle east x

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Kriss Kross

I adore this song
The girls voice is awesome

I'm going to go and see The Luchadors on Saturday,but I really really really want to see Guillemots no matter how stupid there name is. I'm addicted to that song along with SoKo. This girl is actually insane but I love her,how French is she? Very hot though and I love her hair,so I spent ages on ebay looking for long cardigans before i realised I had no money.

The best news of them all is Brand News new song Brick House. It sounds amazing. I do hope there new albu is only a little bit as good as The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Of Me and I'll be happy. Jessey Laceys a sexy beast.

I'm off to go and buy some hairdye and eyeliner I think I'm going to go a more surfery blonde rather than pornstar bleach blonde.
11 Days till London
Peace in the middle east.X

Monday, 8 September 2008

My Summer

Well I'm about to move in 2 weeks actually less than that in 12 days.
I have a shared house in Haringey to move into which I have no idea where that is and I will be starting London Metropolitan University to study BA(Hons) In Journalism.

It's gunna be scary but fun.

To fill people in,this is how I got into university I was sitting bored in a friends house in the middle of shitting nowhere. Really nowhere,there were pigs wondering past her front garden nowhere. I was on the internet and without really thinking typed in university and before I knew it I was on the phone to London Met and they were asking for my grades and all of a sudden I was a student again. (I started uni last year in Glamorgan in Cardiff,but basically just enrolled and didn't end up going). This was two weeks ago and it's a bitch to try and get your life sorted to move away in 28 days. I still haven't found someone to take my room off me in Cardiff. Any takers?

But still it's going to be good. Heres photos from my Summer.

Outside a train station in Barcelona

At one of my many partys

In Benicassim Festival the highlight of the summer.

In a bar in Barcelona with Miss Hardiman.

In Manchester bar with Miss Fackrell.

In Benicassim on the beach with Merlyn,Sion,Moses,Joanna,Carys Hardiman avec moi.

Happy Backpackers.

Far to happy to be watching Mika.

The pen & wig with Rich and Kieran.

Billie and Me. Johnos partys were legendary and also debauched.

Benicassim town outside dodgems.

Glo Bar another Cardiff favourite.

My Favourite face ever.

Love for all these people.

Peace in the middle east x
Hi all.

If you want to know about my life before this but I don't see why you do
it's all here www.livejournal.com/users/super_ally.

I shall be updating this regularly with whatever really takes my fancy.