Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Ok the whole blogging about my experience as I moved to London has kinda been pointless as I've only just got the internet back.

Oh well,
I'm gunna try and get some articles of shit I'm interested in up here.
Mabye some reviews and stuff.

The last month has been very fun. I very much enjoy London and all it has to offer,
I've just applied to write for this Metal e-magazine called fat wrok.
Not really my style of bands there covering but everythings a start.

Also on that note if anyone wants me to write for them on anything atall hit me up

I'm gunna big up my portfolio.

Also at the moment there are two TV shows I'm loving

It's like modern day cluedo.

and The L Word

Makes me wish I was a Lesbian in LA which is worrying.

Peace in the middle east x

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