Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Do Americans get it?

Ok I'm wondering as a bulletin post from Hadouken! Earlier about how there Album is just coming out in the USA.
Do Americans get where Hadouken are coming from?
My awnser comes from this.
1) We have alot more of a young binge drinking drug taking culture than America I'm sure it still happens in America but in the UK it is the norm and in America it is the exception. Mainly because Americans have a stronger religious following so they are less likely to go out and get wasted than us.
2) Do they even understand what the fuck Hadouken are on about? They use slang and from what I've found out Americans don't understand English anyway unless it's the Queens/Liz Hurley kinda English and Hadouken use all kinda slang.
3)Different cultures in general.

Oh well mabye I'm wrong and everything will be shit hot for them over there.
But on that same note why do they like Lady Sovereign so very much?

Hadouken - Liquid Lives

Too prove my point I was looking at Lady Soverign videos and saw this comment

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i have no idea what she is saying!!!


Anonymous said...

Because you asked.

1.) Wow, crazy (and wrong) generalizations here. America's a big country, so if you hear about a religious group, chances are it's in the minority (almost everything's in the minority here). I don't know where you got these perceptions, though, as I'm American and, if I were to make a sweeping generalization covering the Americans -I- know, I'd call us a bunch of drunk and/or high atheists/religious skeptics (I think it's funny that you think you're more likely to get wasted in the UK than America, as the exact opposite thought is common here). America isn't like the UK, where everyone's closer together and the culture is similar from city to city. I get more culture shock from traveling through other places of this country than I did when I went through the entire UK. Anyways, I'm surprised that you think we're so straight-edge. Most stereotypes portray us (at least those of us in college) as winos who could only get more alcohol into our system if we pumped it in intravenously.

2.) It depends on the American. Again, America's a big country - there are some people who understand English slang better than they understand differing types of American slang. Chances are, people listening to this type of music are already familiar with English culture. I listen to German and Russian music and I know plenty of Americans who understand those languages and the slang that comes along with them. I also know plenty of Americans who don't. Learning slang isn't really that hard if you want to do it.

3.) That didn't stop Americans from accepting the British invasion before. Also, I think you're underestimating the number of people who have relatives in/are from England who then teach their friends about English culture, etc. Like the above: learning about differing cultures isn't that hard to do if you want to do it.

So the answer to your original question: some of 'us' do, some of us don't, just like some of us understand inner-city slang or Southern slang and some of us don't.

And a sweeping generalization of my own: most American stereotypes are untrue for a huge chunk of the population. That's what happens when you're a cultural salad. Not everyone is a tomato. [/bad metaphor]

arty said...

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