Monday, 3 November 2008

Esaay time

Time to do essays and read To Kill A Mockinbird.
This is my week to work.
Carys is down Friday.
Just got myself an eighth and a chinese and A big bottle of Coke.
Time to write.

Also can everybody calm down with the Russel Brand & Johnathan Ross thing for one the phone call was funny.
Secondly his granddaughter did sleep with Russel Brand and is in a Burlesque dance group called Satans Sluts.
Thirdly the daily mail are on a witch hunt and I fucking hate the racist right wing daily mail.
Forthly it's just a big distraction from the credit crunch this is not front page news.

Quite liked this film.
and I want to see Choke to adaptation of the Chuck Pahulnik Book.
The red band trailers better but I can't find it so here's the shitty one.

Peace in the middle east x

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