Monday, 8 September 2008

My Summer

Well I'm about to move in 2 weeks actually less than that in 12 days.
I have a shared house in Haringey to move into which I have no idea where that is and I will be starting London Metropolitan University to study BA(Hons) In Journalism.

It's gunna be scary but fun.

To fill people in,this is how I got into university I was sitting bored in a friends house in the middle of shitting nowhere. Really nowhere,there were pigs wondering past her front garden nowhere. I was on the internet and without really thinking typed in university and before I knew it I was on the phone to London Met and they were asking for my grades and all of a sudden I was a student again. (I started uni last year in Glamorgan in Cardiff,but basically just enrolled and didn't end up going). This was two weeks ago and it's a bitch to try and get your life sorted to move away in 28 days. I still haven't found someone to take my room off me in Cardiff. Any takers?

But still it's going to be good. Heres photos from my Summer.

Outside a train station in Barcelona

At one of my many partys

In Benicassim Festival the highlight of the summer.

In a bar in Barcelona with Miss Hardiman.

In Manchester bar with Miss Fackrell.

In Benicassim on the beach with Merlyn,Sion,Moses,Joanna,Carys Hardiman avec moi.

Happy Backpackers.

Far to happy to be watching Mika.

The pen & wig with Rich and Kieran.

Billie and Me. Johnos partys were legendary and also debauched.

Benicassim town outside dodgems.

Glo Bar another Cardiff favourite.

My Favourite face ever.

Love for all these people.

Peace in the middle east x

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Amsville said...

LOL, love it. I decided which uni to go to uni on a whim (first time around). Usually those decisions are the best. My motto is usually 'Oh, fuck it'. Otherwise, I'd spend DAYS pondering things and never make a decision.