Wednesday, 10 December 2008


I love how in this photo out of baby killers,thieves ect ect the normal Christian bullshit the biggest thing on that sign is the word Mormons.

I quite like how they call stoners pot smoking little devils aswell.
I'd quite happily smack this boy and his stupid greased up hair.

Saying that I think a t-shirt in this design would sell quite well.

Peace in the middle east x


Samantha P said...

That's an awesome photo! i wonder how long it took for him to make that sign. Does it actually say "witches" ??? they aren't so bad.

We have people like that once in a while at my school. The worst was 2 guys, each one with a sign that had to be like 7 feet high, giant yellow and red letters on black. They said something about sodomites, lesbians, homosexuals, Jews (i think), Muslims, i think there were Mormons in there too, possibly democrats as well, and how they were all going to hell.

They marched around the school while people booed them and lesbians made out in front of them. Oh yeah, and they had a guitar and were singing about how we're all heathens!!!!

I love when crazies decide to invade a campus, it makes me feel so much better about myself.

Eventually the police escorted them off the premises as a crowd of 200 people sang "Na na na na, Na na na na, Hey hey hey, Goodbyyyyye!" It was truly a site to beheld.

Super_Ally said...

Haha that's awesome.
I love the rebelious women part of the sign aswell.

electro.kittie said...

Ahh the delights of Christian community hypocracy...