Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Politics is the art of repression

Repression of anyone who does not accept the limitations of her social role, who wants to change things on the basis of her own desires. Repression of anyone who longs to be done with passivity, deliberation, and delegation, and to set fire to those who insist upon them and nothing else. Repression of anyone who does not want to let her precious self be supplanted by any organization or immobilized by any program. Repression of anyone who wants to have unmediated relationships with others and feels that this is only possible through the tearing down of barriers, both social and physical. Repression of anyone who does not have a “we” on which to swear. Repression of anyone who disrupts the precious compromises of those who wait patiently. Repression of anyone who gives of herself without hope of compensation—of anyone who defends her companions with love and resoluteness—of anyone who refuses to accommodate herself to the consolation prizes offered those who tried once and failed. Repression of anyone who neither wants to govern nor to control—of anyone who wants to live and act immediately, not tomorrow or the day after tomorrow—of anyone who wants to transform life.

From Crimethinc.com

peace in the middle east x

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