Thursday, 4 June 2009

Susan Boyle

Am I the only one who knew it all along? Susan Boyles a fucking badass.

First off all I have not watched one episode of Britains Got Talent so maybe I'm not one to comment but I've had a feeling that she's played the media perfectly. Good one Susan. She has followed a fool proof plan to stay famous for at least a year.

Step 1: Go viral, youtube is the way to become famous these days from that dude who sang chocolate rain to OK GO making a massive comeback with a frankly average song. Get a youtube viral hit and become famous.

Step 2: Daytime TV. The TV is full of daytime TV with absolutely fuck all interesting on and there are millions of the unemployed,students and house wives and husbands with fuck all to do but watch anything that's put on screen. Get on as many of these shows as possible with 2 minute segments on how fame still hasn't hit you or effected you yet.

Step 3: The Make-over. After everyone denying for the last week that you're not going to get a make-over and stay the way you are. Get a make-over, watch as the public slowly starts becoming wary of you after the initial buzz has worn off. Have a less than average final performance as people realize that your voice is just good not amazing.

Step 4: The breakdown. Lose the talent contest,let the fame get to your head. Get back into all the front page headlines by checking into the priory, get the publics sympathy back on your side. Let off all your steam by running down in a corridor in your bra swearing at Simon Cowell.

Step 5. The rise from the ashes. You've been to hell and back, from church singer with alot of cats to worldwide to sensation to national train wreck but not you've got through it all and the public love you. Release an album and it goes straight to number 1. Worldwide tour and millions come out to see you, then run for mayor of the town and people sympathize with your story. Become mayor then goto national politics soon we have you as Prime minister where you mobilize your armys and eventually become leader of the world. Too far?

Or maybe it's a poor women from Scotland who had a slightly average voice who was built up by the media to be a hero of Nelson Mandela proportions who then got bored of her with in a week before slowly bashing her down with a sick public loving every minute of this womens mental breakdown.

peace in the middle east x

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electro.kittie said...

poor SuBo . visually, she reminds me of Gordon Brown