Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Drug Laws

There's all these stories about esctacy being down graded and whatever.
I agree with that it should be and actually that all drugs should be legalized and controlled as it would cut crime risks and health risks but that's another thing..

A friend of mine last week got sent down for three and a half years for drug dealing,fair enough you could say but I do not see how this is fair when a man who killed a friend of mine two years ago only got two and a half years in prison.

Sort it out law.

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Nat said...

I agree with what you're saying about the law being totally messed on this issue, they seem to make an example of some people while some of us get let off for doing far 'worse' things ;-)

If they government legalised all substances then we'd all be having too much fun for them to be capable of exercising control over us....

I think it's true what that guy said about ecstasy being as safe as riding a horse, I know which one i'd rather get on :-P