Thursday, 9 April 2009

Disney Brats

This probably comes as no surprise to anyone but I hate the new spawn of Disney Brats that in the last three months have ejaculated all over the U.K.

I've been aware of the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyruses (I have no idea how to plural her surname) of the world for a while now as I watch a lot of American TV and because I'm a student and therefore have way too much free time. I was fine with them staying in America with the crazy Christians and parents who think if there child hears the word fuck they'll be corrupted for life. I've got news for you kids swear already they generally know the important words by 11,maybe younger.

Please parents,don't let your children think that the Jonas Brothers are real music and introduce them to some real punk bands instead so they'll be politically aware and think for themselves and not buy into any of the Disney Corporations bullshit. Otherwise poor unsuspecting blind musically gifted people will have to be forced to go through ordeals like this again..

I was fine until without my notice they creeped across the atlantic and took over our charts as well and if i see a sudden surge of 12 years olds with purity rings and fractured ear drums we know who's to blame. Please go away I know not all British music is perfect but just go back to the kiddie farm or wherever Disney gets these kids from.

Peace in the middle east x

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electro.kittie said...

Haha loved this. its like attack of the super virgins - except theyre all being fucked by their record companies.

And whilst we're on the subject - Zac Effron, he may be pretty, but he can't act for shit.