Monday, 19 January 2009


I just wrote on of the most amazing blog posts in the history of blogs.
I mean it would seriously blow your mind,but I just accidentally closed down the browser so tough.

Dear San Miguel and White Weatherspoons Wine I'm just writing to say how fucked off I am by the fact that you landed me in hospital last Monday night. Apparently I collapsed in the middle of Islington which is frankly quite embarrassing because of this I am terminating our relationship for the time being.

Dear Bacardi Breezers I turned to you after being so hurtfully betrayed by San Miguel and White Wine. I drunk you with caution but you still turned on me forcing me to edit my profile on various social networking sites to barely legible drunken words. You also made me speak to many an acquaintance like a 5 year old child in the like of;
"U alRitE? i'M soo phssseeed lmfao" I don't appreciate this kind of behavior i'm not going to terminate our relationship just give you a hefty warning.

The band of today is The Guns. From the valleys the lead singer Alex produces alot of bands but his own bands is one of the most kick ass rock and roll bands in a while. They also make Andrew W.K look like an Osmond. Live they will blow you away.

I've seen this film twice now and it is just awesome. I've heard some people say that Sally Hawkins character is unbearable,but I think those people need a hug. What's wrong with always finding the positive?

Also here is a couple of photos of Plymouth from the weekend.

Peace in the middle east x

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