Sunday, 18 January 2009


I've just come back from Plymouth for the weekend which was very fun and very messy and probably will hit me in a couple of days.
I saw Rusko one of the kings of Dubstep and it was MDMamazing.
After a 6 hour coach ride back to London yesterday I heard Justice and Erol Aklan were playing at the end it is closing at the end of this week. I went straight down there as the last time I saw JUSTICE was unbelievable.

It was at Benicassim and that is where I also saw Erol Alkan which was also amazing;

So I figured them playing together in The End would be insane. So I got down there and the queue was huge but we waited and waited anyway. Then came the torrential freezing rain but still we waited soaked and freezing for around 3 and a half hours until we get about 50 people away from the front(which was bloody close when you saw the size of the fucking queue) and the bouncer just came up to us and shouted "sorry you'll get in but you'll completely miss JUSTICEs set." Why the fuck did he not tell us this 3 hours ago?! So completely soaked and freezing we didn't feel like paying 30 pounds for two hours in a club with no JUSTICE so we went back to a friends ridiculously posh flat in E1 and got drunk and a little bit mashed. So basically FUCK YOU The End.

I'm in love with the teenagers homecoming at the moment.

amazing song.

Also I have been watching lots of Chelsea Lately on youtube thought i'd be a show i'd actually despise,but it's funny because it seems she despises the show aswell.

I'm so putting off doing these essays 5000 words in a week. Fuck. I'm not going to be leaving the house for a while.

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