Wednesday, 7 January 2009


I generally believe in that generally most humans would do the right thing if it came down to it.

But reading through the comments left on the articles on which is my total guilty pleasure I have seen more hate than I ever have before,about 75% of the people who leave comments on the site are very very racist or have some kind of hate for a minority. i quote;

"Why the fuck would you give that nigger a number one" which that had over 10 agreeing replys and general small mindedness and anyone who disagrees is obviously a "junkie liberal" also quoted,i want to know from you americans out there is that really how it goes or is this just a very small lame minority,if it's not i feel sorry for all these people with that much hate in them,they must of had no fun growing up.

one article i submitted got to the front page of current TV. loves it. Love user selected media/news and again fuck isreal x

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