Thursday, 29 January 2009

Roni Size

Andy C,Roni Size,Dillinjah,Fabio and Shy FX are who's on the line up tonight.

Loving a bit of Roni Size. Play it LOUD.

Yesterday I was quite possibly in one the coolest rooms I've have inhabited. Because of a lovely friend of mine I was on the guest list for Lily Allen at Kokos and after the show we somehow made it into the green room which was a 3x3 meter room occupied by Mark Ronson,Alfie Allen,Lily Allen,Henry Holland,Miquita Oliver and Nick Grimshaw. They were talking to me and my friend like we were some one in the industry when we were just two very lucky kids. Anyway that was cool and one of those moments when you think WTF?.

I watched Nick & Norahs Ultimate playlist a couple of days ago. Very good film,I'd recommend to go see it if you liked Juno and that type of movie.

Peace in the middle east

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